For Therapists

As a supervisor candidate on the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists’s official supervisor registry, I provide ongoing supervision for LPC interns.

The fee for supervision is $60 per fifty-minute session at my office in NW Portland.

I’ve had considerable experience working in local agency settings as well as in navigating the ins-and-outs of starting a private practice. (Which forms go where? Which hours technically count? How do I get on insurance panels? How do I market myself? How do I get a better job?) Wherever you’re working (or planning on working) in Portland, I likely know something about the culture you’re working with and how to navigate that culture’s expectations.

I am open to your unique expression of your theoretical orientation – and I want to help you find your best way to support your clients and your community (and yourself!). I’m passionate about helping newcomers to the field find their way toward thriving.

I am active in the Portland counseling community and work to stay up-to-date on research. I currently serve as the Human Rights Chair on the board of Oregon’s chapter of the American Counseling Association, serve as managing editor of ORCA’s quarterly newsletter, and regularly volunteer my time with non-profits whose missions I trust (the Milton Erickson Foundation, Living Yoga, William Temple House, Existential-Humanistic Northwest).