Fees & FAQ

Service Fees:

I’m not currently accepting new clients. I charge $110 per 50-minute hour, and all appointments are conducted over Zoom during Covid-19. I reserve half of my availability for “sliding scale” clients committed to ongoing therapy at a rate commensurate with income ($20-40 per hour).

Many insurance companies offer “out of network” benefits, and may be able to reimburse you for your sessions with me. If you’re interested in this, call your insurance company and ask them whether that’s possible and how much your plan will cover for an out of network mental health provider.

Some people are able to use their health savings accounts to pay for counseling. If you have this benefit, call your HSA and ask if you’re eligible to use your HSA account to pay for out of network counseling and, if so, if you can use your HSA card for payment or if you can pay out of pocket and be reimbursed after the fact.