I am competent and enthusiastic about the work that I do, and I am happy to answer any questions you may have about therapy.  


My background

I am a licensed therapist experienced in providing supportive counseling to folks across the lifespan, in and around the gender binary, and at all stages of “acuity.” In light of my experience, I am a staunch believer in the philosophy that all people have the resources inside themselves to make changes toward becoming ever more healthy, connected, and complex. The focus of my approach is self-acceptance.

Outside of the office, I enjoy yoga, manchego, Zumba, ricotta, art experiments, Point Reyes Bay Blue, ceramics, cheese sandwiches, urban hiking in the direction of delicious cheeses, and exploring new places (if cheese is involved).


MA, Counseling Psychology and Addiction Studies – Lewis & Clark College, 2014

BA, Psychology – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2008


Building Creative Confidence

For some counselors, teaching skills around mindfulness or emotional regulation takes precedence. As a person-centered counselor, I believe in the power of giving people a safe space in which to explore their process more independently. For several years, I’ve taught – well, facilitated – classes that’re less about learning specific skills (although that happens) and more around creating a space in which people of all stripes can share skills and knowledge with each other; explore weird, new methods of art-making; and get in touch with our bodies and breath – and ability to sing “Brown Eyed Girl” as loud as possible while dancing around and smiling at each other.

Toward getting acquainted with alternative galleries and forms, we also tried out scavenger hunts associated with local spaces. With cash prizes!!

In 2018, I was soooo happy that people who cared to drop in on one or more of Old Town Clinic’s thrice-weekly art groups also cared to share their work with the larger public. I got to organize and manage the Clinic’s first ever First Thursday client art show + sale, and it was pretty magical. Each of our 25 artists (working with melted crayons, wood, collage, watercolors, clay, fabric, foam, and more) sold at least one piece of artwork, and even though many chose to price their art way too modestly for my taste, together they raised over $900. (Half of sales went directly to the artists, and half to fund new supplies for the program).