Local Resource: William Temple House

Since 2013, I’ve been proud to volunteer at William Temple House. It’s one of the last social service agencies that never asks its patrons for proof of income, long wait times, or prayer before receiving services. The “castle” itself – called Mackenzie House – is a wonderful space full of hidden crevices, creaky turrets, and other Victorian flourishes that never add up to a “church basement feeling.” Its food pantry is one of the best in Portland, allowing folks to truly shop for fresh vegetables, milk, and meat along canned items. Its counseling department is one of the most well-respected in the area: most folks, dependent on OHP or Kaiser, might be able to access counseling once a month by burned-out new graduates with huge caseloads, whereas at William Temple House you’re afforded access to weekly treatment by excellent providers who are supported by free weekly trainings and supervision.

If you’re in need of a hand up – and we all are, from time to time – please consider visiting this amazing organization. If you’re looking for a worthy place for which to offer your time or donations, again, please consider William Temple House.