The Counselor: Fall 2017

One of my favorite volunteer gigs right now is that I get to edit the quarterly newsletter of Oregon’s chapter of the American Counseling Association. It’s been fun to revamp this small journal’s content to focus on issues surrounding social justice as they relate to the counseling profession in Oregon. And it’s always a huge blast to find and reach out topotential contributors and advertisers, edit content, and manage/do all of the design and layout. If you’re interested in issues affecting this field and this work, check out the fall edition of The Counselor, out today 🙂 


Happy November, Oregon Counselors!

We hope you enjoy our fall issue of The Counselor.

A couple months back, we solicited articles for a special issue, Focus On: Intersectionality, and we’re grateful that so many of you chose to write to us and share a part of your story. Because of you, this month we’re pleased to share some really insightful perspectives on how privilege plays out in a session, how it affects our field, and some simple things we can do to help ourselves, our colleagues, and our clients feel seen, heard, and valued.

In this issue:

Making It Visible by Raina Hassan, LPC

All Perpetrators, All Victims by Victor Chang, Ph.D, LPC

Weight-Inclusive Care by Hilary Kinavey, LPC

It’s Intimidating and Important… So Let’s Talk About It by Gianna Russo-Mitma, MS, LMFT

Between Worlds and Identities by Neil Panchmatia

COPACT Corner: SB 860: What Does It Mean? by Larry Conner, LPC

OACES Corner: Changing Campus Climate by Joel Lane, LPC, Ph.D

2017 ORCA Power + Privilege Essay Award Winners’ Essays!

Counseling the Person with Legal Blindness by Deb Marinos, CRC, LPC Intern

Veterans Have Their Own Culture by Rev. Shane Nelson

And if you haven’t had a chance to check out our summer issue, you might want to check that out – especially to read Summer Brown’s thoughtful essay on counseling and intersectionality. (We’re so excited to see her keynote at this week’s ORCA conference!)

Hope you’re enjoying the change of seasons, and hope to see you at the conference 🙂

Moira Ryan, LPC

Editor, The Counselor